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The holidays are a time to get that special someone the perfect gift to let them know how much you care. Odds are that there’s some lucky lady in your friend or family who wears glasses (or contacts). If you’ve ever worn contacts or glasses (as I do) then you know that poking yourself in the eye or groping for your missing specs in the name of 20/20 vision isn’t always the most exciting experience. Make life a LITTLE simpler and ton more fabulous with some of these sweet gift ideas:

Who doesn’t like a good poke in the googly eye? But no really —this contact lens case is super convenient, and it will blissfully remind you of all those crafts you made in summer camp when you were a kid.

This is truly the tastiest, most mouth-watering way to hide away your specs. Just make sure no one accidentally mistakes your case for their hot dog, because they would surely be in for a surprise.

You can’t help but smile when you look at this case! I mean, look! Cupcakes! Frosting and sprinkles! Two bright cherries on top! You’ll never misplace your contacts, or your contact lens case ever again.

The cutest way to keep your four eyes cozy? I think yes. Who wouldn’t want to have this silly, befreckled canine hanging out on their bedside table or office desk?

A trendy twist on a super practical accessory, this eyeglass chain is all about those Americana colors and will go with just about anything and everything. Stay stylish AND know where your glasses are at all times!

Convenient, compact and it’s a keychain!? Amazing! This is perfect for anyone who always manages to smudge their glasses (aka, pretty much everyone).

That’s one cool elephant! I love the colors on this one —this holder definitely also serves as decor.

Now you can see EVERYTHING! Kind of. At least you have something colorful and trippy to put your glasses in!

Unfortunately, we’re not wizards or witches (that I know of), so we can’t fix our glasses with a spell (I’m lookin’ at you, Hermione Granger). But this eyeglass kit is the next best thing!

Funky and functional! Plus, who doesn’t love an Alice in Wonderland-esque cat to hold your glasses?

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