Sa'iyda Shabazz
Updated Jul 31, 2017 @ 4:44 pm

You know those brightly colored glass bowls in your grandma’s cupboard? Well, they could be worth major cash. Vintage Pyrex glass bowls are suddenly big sellers on the internet. The company is still a popular maker of glass kitchenware, but it’s the vintage Pyrex that seems to bring in the big money.

A single vintage Pyrex glass bowl can go for upwards of $900, depending on where you are looking to sell. Obviously you probably don’t have these glass bowls sitting in your cabinet (unless you inherited them) but you can go look for them. This would be a good excuse to go spend some time with your grandma.

The vintage Pyrex glass bowls that are selling the best are brightly colored and patterned. If the patterns are floral or geometric, you’ve hit the jackpot. Sets are the big money makers, with some selling for around $1,800.

If you’re looking, the vintage Pyrex dishes made between 1915 and 1970 are the biggest sellers. Prior to 1970, the company used a type of glass that was durable enough to withstand being dropped, and lasted (seemingly) forever. These pieces can go in the fridge, freezer, and the oven with no problem. They don’t make cookware like that anymore! After 1970, Pyrex changed its glass formula from borosilicate to the cheaper soda-lime (though borosilicate is still used in some places outside the U.S.) and the new dishware was less durable.

There are thousands of vintage Pyrex enthusiasts out there; the hashtag #pyrexjunkie on Instagram has over 12,000 posts. You can even find Facebook groups to declare your love for the cookware.

If you don’t have an older relative with vintage Pyrex, you can always check a place like Goodwill, since the glass Pyrex bowls would definitely be bulky to move with. Thrift or consignment stores that sell home items would also be a great place to check. If you live in a place with a lot of older people, you can also check garage or estate sales. Those are usually a treasure trove for quirky vintage finds. Plus, Pyrex is actually really pretty, so if you can find some at a good price, it’s worth having!