Rather than settling for the old hotel routine, why not unpack your bags in a gorgeous, hand-picked luxury home in London or New York?

Time to turn in your tourist hat, folks. British start-up company onefinestay is ready to take your humdrum vacation experience to the next level. Don’t worry – you won’t be missing out on any hotel amenities. Onefinestay will provide your chosen home with clean linens, fluffy towels, free wifi, hotel grade cleaning, top-of-the-line toiletries, round-the-clock assistance and an iPhone. Yep, you read that correctly – an iPhone. While it may not be yours for the taking, it certainly comes in handy when you need to make local calls. Not to mention, the phone comes equipped with your home’s history and tidbits of information on any of its unique qualities.

Don’t worry if you’re traveling on a budget. Onefinestay provides five-star accommodations at all price points. You’ll be given options depending on your nightly budget, destination and duration of your stay.

Sound good to you, too? It’s no wonder onefinestay has expanded its services to both Los Angeles and Paris this week.

[More] Perks Rather than renting a place from any ‘ol Joe Schmo on the Internet, onefinestay goes the extra mile to ensure you are in a safe, clean and inspiring environment. Unlike other for-rent-by-owner services, onefinestay staffers must visit and approve of your potential vacation home before it is listed for customer consideration. Once approved, homeowners provide staffers with local tips to the “best local shops and restaurants, characterful local bars, hidden gems and the intriguing local landmarks — things you won’t find in any guidebook”. Whether you’re a novice nomad or migrant master, the self-proclaimed “unhotel” gives you a unique opportunity to really live like a local. The best part? Both travelers and homeowners reap the benefits of a single property, worry free.

With over 1,000 homes to choose from in London alone, I’ll be interested in seeing how this expansion develops in Los Angeles and Paris. Any takers? I know I’m in.

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