Sarah Terry
December 12, 2016 11:00 am
Think Geek /

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to hunt for gifts. This holiday season shoppers are trending towards online shopping, which isn’t a surprise. The internet makes shopping easier and less stressful. Plus, online there are more specific gifts available for everyone on your holiday list. People with niche interests can be more difficult to find personalized gifts for. But we have a list that may help you out. If you’ve got a fabulous lady on your list who loves all things sci-fi, then one of these twelve gifts might be perfect. You can make sure that her home has the perfect aura of geek chic.

For Star Trek Fans

1The Bridge Wooden Sign

TheWickedSignCo /

She can proclaim her love of Star Trek by naming her living room. Find it on Etsy for $49.95.

2The Cutest Data Pillow

FatSquirrelCraft /

Geek chic can still be totally huggable, like this precious pillow. Find it on Etsy for $12.91.

3Enterprise Blueprint Fleece Blanket

Stylin Online /

This blue throw is both cozy and classy for cuddling up to re-watch some episodes. Find it on Stylin Online for $32.88.

For Star Wars Fans

4Wooden Star Wars Coasters

Havoly /

The coasters are stunningly detailed and portray all the best Star Wars characters. Find them on Etsy for $16.50 for a set of 4.

5Vinyl Wall Clock

WoodenHMCraft /

This intricately detailed clock is made from a record. So it will appease both the geeky and upcyling friends! Find it on Etsy for $30.00.

6Death Star Mood Light

Think Geek /

This stylishly geeky mood light offers a light glow of either red or white with a little space station flair. Find it at Think Geek for $44.99.

For Doctor Who Fans

7Wooden Quote Sign

OrchardHouseSigns /

One of the best parts of Doctor Who are the fabulous one-liners, so why wouldn’t your friend want to rock a quote in her home? Find this on Etsy for $14.00.

8Tardis Shower Curtain

Hot Topic /

If there’s a place to really go all-in with the geekiness, it’s the bathroom. Why not make your friend feel like she’s time traveling while showering. It’s available from Hot Topic for $24.15.

9Tardis and Dalek Sugar and Cream Set

Make someone feel super British by making their tea time Doctor Who themed. Find this pair at the BBC store for $24.98.

Other Sci-Fi Gifts

10Steampunk Lamp

Uncommon Goods /

This lamp will add a time traveling, steampunk flair to any apartment. Find it on Uncommon Goods for $99.00.

11Wooden “Coexist” Sign

WoodenPretties /

This beautiful sign combines all different sci-fi material, and it’s a stunning piece. Find it on Etsy for $25.00.

12“I Heart Sci-Fi” Pillow

rococoneko /

A fabulous chic can broadcast her love of sci-fi with this totally sweet pillow. Find it on Etsy for $19.41.