Elena Sheppard
Updated Jun 06, 2016 @ 1:01 pm
After A Long Day
Credit: Sasha/ Getty Images

For the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing quite a lot of bedroom slippers as footwear on the chic women strutting my New York City neighborhood. And then I saw that Vogue, soothsayer of all style trends, was giving bedroom slippers the official nod: “If the line between the sheets and the streets weren’t blurred enough—here’s looking at you, slip dress!—the recent rise of the bedroom slipper has done away with the divide altogether.” A ha!

If Vogue is calling a fashion craze, I believe ’em. And if Manhattan’s downtown sophisticates are sporting said craze on the sidewalks, that’s even further proof. No longer is this fluffy footwear relegated to bedroom scenes in movies from the 1950s, bedroom slippers seem here (at least for the moment). While at first glance this trend seems a little bit ridiculous, upon further inspection it’s straight up enviable. Fuzzy footwear? Yes please.

Credit: Transcendental Graphics/ Getty Images

While we’re still waiting for pairs of this new trend to become affordable, and produced en masse, there is one $40 pair we’ve found that we are coveting.

For now though, we’re just eyeing some fuzzy footwear on Instagram and dreaming of all the ways we can incorporate this trend into our everyday look.

Even fashion mavens like Leandra Medine (aka ManRepeller) are wearing their bedroom slippers out of the house.

Dream shoes: We want you.