Gabriela Herstik
Updated Jul 27, 2017 @ 2:53 pm
frida kahlo Chiclets
Credit: Ruben Dario Villa /

Will we ever get tired of seeing artists immortalize the ever-iconic Frida Kahlo? Honestly, probably not. Just like the Mexican artist helped change the art world through her mix of art and activism, modern-day makers are finding new ways to honor her spirit by way of interesting mediums.

Now, we have a new way to see Frida, thanks to Chicano artist Ruben Dario Villa, whose Frida Kahlo portrait is made entirely of Chiclets. Yes, the gum. Made of 4,587 pieces of gum, this may actually be the tastiest Frida portrait we’ve ever seen.

The piece was created for El Color Y El Dolor, an art show held at a gallery in San Francisco to commemorate Frida on what would have been her 110th birthday.

While we’ve seen everything from thousands of Fridas coming together to break a world record, and miniature handcrafted clay Frida’s, this Chiclet portrait is in a league of its own.

The artist shared photos of his work on Instagram, saying,

We don’t know if Ruben has plans to make more Chiclet art, but we’re crossing our fingers. This is a tasty trend we would love to see more of.