We’re really into creative Halloween crafts here at HG. We’ve already rejected pumpkin carving in favor of these no-carve (and much safer) DIY ideas and we’re all about turning crowns and masks into Halloween costumes in their own right (because really, who has time to put together the whole kit and caboodle?!)

So when we saw that craft maven Lauren Conrad had shared a how-to for carving fruit, we knew we had to take a closer look.

Using a pineapple, an apple, and an orange, Conrad shows that pumpkins aren’t the only way to light your porch on All Hallow’s Eve.

We actually almost like these better because once you’re done carving, you get to eat all the good stuff you pulled from the middle of the fruit! (Not that you can’t eat pumpkin seeds, because they’re delish, but there are a lot of other ~guts~ involved in that process.)

As it turns out, you can turn almost any fruit into a Halloween decoration.

Like watermelon, for instance. A perfect pumpkin substitute.

Or pineapple.

This one’s really popular right now.

Or how about a carved orange snack? The candy-giver-outer will thank you.

Or maybe you’re more into stuffed pepper “pumpkins” as a pre-Halloween night dinner?

Mmm, totally making us hungry.

These kiwis aren’t exactly “carved,” but they’re still pretty great.

And this avocado skull takes creepy to the next level.


Last but not least? This truly terrifying carved apple.

If you’re not too creeped out by that last image, we hope you’re inspired to get crafty! Don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram pics if you make one of these fruit-o’-lantern creations.