Marie Lodi
Updated July 22, 2015

Attention all bookworms! I have a question. What do you use to save your page? When I’m reading, I’ll use a makeshift bookmark, like an old Taco Bell receipt or a half-ripped envelope. It’s PATHETIC. Well, not really, but I expect more from myself! Why can’t I have something cute to mark my reading place?

Thankfully, there are these teeny-tiny bookmarks that look like food! These are handsewn and hand-embroidered in Italy by a student named Francesca who lives with a tiny gecko named Dorian. Hence, the name of her shop — Inspirational Gecko. The felt bookmark happily hugs the top corner of your saved page. If you’re a lover of fruits, there are several types of nature’s candy to choose from. The watermelon is SO SWEET (no pun intended). There’s also an orange slice, a lemon and a kiwi. And pizza, obviously.

My book is going to look so adorable now. Maybe that will even get me to finish it faster!