Christina Wolfgram
Updated Mar 22, 2016 @ 3:03 pm
Credit: Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles

The first time I tried products from the Kardashian Beauty line, which is sold in drugstores, I was extremely disappointed in the makeup’s quality. Even though it was packaged under the name of one of the richest families in the world, the products felt cheaply made, as though Khloe and Kourtney didn’t have time to make sure their eyeshadows were actually blendable.

In the name of science (and sparkles, let’s be real), I’ve continued to try other cosmetics the Kardashian Beauty line has to offer. Overall, none of them have been worth the money or the trip to Ulta.

Until I put on the Lip Plumping Shimmer Gloss.

Credit: Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles

Looks like a run-of-the-mill cheapo lip gloss, right? The formula seems almost too sparkly and the doe-foot applicator is comically large. Immediately, the sweet “honey” scent took me back to my days as a recovering Lip Smackers addict.

But the second I applied this stuff, I knew it was no normal gloss. The formula is so dense with glitter that it is practically phosphorescent. This peachy shade, called “Boosted Beige Nude,” is so opaque that it miraculously made my skin appear sun-kissed. I’m not kidding — here’s photographic evidence. And, yes, I took these pics in the exact same place with the exact same lighting. 100% #nofilter.

Credit: Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles


Does it act as a “lip plumping” agent for real? Well, it certainly feels like it does something: after wearing the gloss for less than a minute, my lips started getting slightly tingly and cooled, borderline minty. Even if I wasn’t suddenly sporting a Kim-worthy pout, my face was having a great time. At $9.99, that’s pretty impressive.

Maybe Kylie Jenner has the right idea; the Kardashians have a way with lip products. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go practice my Kristina Kardashian kissy face forever.

Credit: Christina Wolfgram / Hello Giggles