Marie Lodi
Updated May 31, 2016 @ 12:18 pm
colourpop lipstick
Credit: Refinery29

Do you remember watching “How Crayons Are Made” video on Sesame Street when you were a kid? If you were stoked to learn the process behind your favorite drawing tool and grew up to be a beauty fiend, you’re going to love this. Refinery29 took a trip to the headquarters of indie makeup brand, ColourPop, to get the scoop on how they make their popular Lippie Stix. Red lipstick fans will be particularly captivated as this video shows the process of making one from beginning to end.

Here, they reveal how they make a blue-based, red lipstick. First, the pigments are chosen and added together. It’s crazy to see how much blue goes into a red lip color!

Credit: Refinery29

Next, solvents are combined with a special powder.

Credit: Refinery29

After mixing and adding wax, the formula is baked at a hot temperature for hours. The final step is getting the mixture into the tubes.

Credit: Refinery29

There is something so satisfying about watching these lipsticks be born!

Credit: Refinery29

Check out the entire video here: