Marie Lodi
Updated December 10, 2014 2:43 pm
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Shopping for someone who is always wearing the coolest things can be intimidating. What if they hate it? Well, that’s a risk you must take unless you want to go the easy route and get them a Starbucks gift card. Should you get a gift receipt? Yes! Your risk should only go so far.

We scouted the vast landscape of the Internetz and found some of the raddest items in fashion and accessories. Hopefully even your pickiest pal will enjoy these gifts. If not, you can always keep these for yourself and get them that gift card. WIN-WIN.

You probably have at least one or two friends who were hardcore Sex and the City fans. Even if they called themselves a “Carrie” or a “Miranda” back during SATC’s heyday, there was always something to appreciate about thee Samantha Jones, sex-positive, feminist icon. Invoke Samantha’s femme prowess with this tee from Clashist.

Giving socks as a gift might seem half-ass and maybe even a little déclassé, but when said socks come in funky prints and wild colors the game is totally changed. You can always count on Betsey Johnson to spice up something that’s usually considered boring! The lipstick print ones are especially to die for.

The comic-style lettering on this Rebecca Minkoff pouch will make anyone laugh whenever they need to put change in the meter or get quarters for the laundromat. If your friend has cuprolaminophobia (fear of coins), no worries! They can carry their debit card in this as well.

Everyone has a pretzel-addicted pal. Get them this necklace (snacklace?), but make sure to tell them that the pendant is not actually edible. Trust me, you do NOT want to make that mistake.

There’s nothing like stepping out of the shower and right into a warm plushy robe. It’s like wrapping yourself inside of a warm tortilla. This hooded bow-print robe comes in a variety of colors in case the giftee isn’t a fan of pink like Mariah Carey and I.

One of the worst things ever is being out in the cold and having to take off one glove Michael Jackson-style to text a friend or check your Instagram. Give a pair of these texting gloves from Madewell and you’ll be praised for such a thoughtful prezzie.

Buying shoes for someone is tricky if you don’t know their shoe size. To prepare for this, ask your friend for a chart of their clothing sizes. My own friend responded to my query with a map-like illustration made in Microsoft Paint. Then you’ll always know what size to get if the perfect black booties like these ones from Seychelle come along.

If one of your pals is an accessory freak, they’d definitely appreciate a monthly subscription that would fuel their obsession. The VIP box from Cate and Chloe is $39.99 and they’ll get gorgeous designer jewels worth more than $200!

Quay makes awesome sunnies. Even the most serious sunglasses collector will ooh and ahh at these cat-eye metallic frames. Get them in gold or white.

This cuff bracelet from Kate Spade is the perfect piece of jewelry for your Clueless-quoting friend. She can also use this as an automated answering system and just point at her wrist if her response to something is “whatever.” On that note, maybe Kate could make one that says “pizza” or “tacos” so anytime someone asks me what I want to eat I can just point to my bracelet without saying a word.