Jessica Ellis
March 12, 2016 11:00 am
Christina Ashman

Christina Ashman, a Bristol-based fashion designer, has had about enough of insensitive and offensive marketing campaigns aimed at plus-sized shoppers. The artist and designer, who runs “geeky and alternative” fashion label Interrobang, decided it was time to drop the niceties surrounding body-shaming images disguised as ads after reading a HelloGiggles post about a recent campaign on Wish that decided this was the best way to sell shorts:


Ashman decided to fire back with her own image, one the reflects the insulting nature of the original ad with delicious irony:


We reached out to Christina to get her take on why responding to the campaign was important. She had no idea her post would go as viral as it has, saying, “it was just intended to be a sort of in-joke with my existing customer base.” But the on-point joke struck a cord with people all across the Internet. Christina says her decision to post her own picture was motivated by how bizarre the ad seemed.

The importance of Christina’s message can’t be overstated: This campaign was neither a fluke nor a one-time thing. Several people were involved in planning this ad, and nowhere along the line did anyone stop the process and realize that selling plus-sized clothes by emphasizing how they look on “standard-size” models is, well, ridiculous.

Christina’s powerful photo turns the tables on a fashion world that values smaller sizes as desirable, and her knowledge of the issue is personal and intense. “People are always thanking me for providing the size range that I do (UK 6-36), which as a very small business is an indication of a real lack of good plus-size clothing out there. Instead of having a specific plus-size range, I just make everything in every size,” the designer says.

Let’s hope the fashion world takes a cue from this bold artist, and keep our fingers crossed that Christina Ashman has the last word on this type of plus-sized marketing ad.