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I always thought that I was exactly the type of user that Instagram hates — I hardly ever post, and the rare times that I do, it’s a photo of something I baked…poorly. My real motivation for having Instagram is to look at the beautiful women in the world who are far better at dressing than I am. For years, I’d see a great dress or the dopest shoes and start drooling, then scouring the Internet for where I could buy the items I was coveting. I have conducted this kind of search many, many times and I always failed — but not anymore!

Behold, Dressr, the brain child of Jessica Vince. Formerly the digital editor at Grazia, Vince knows fashion. It makes her the perfect person to create something like Dressr, an app dedicated to informing Instagram fans where their favorite fashion icons got their garb. Vince searches the web for information on intriguing insta-famous apparel, so you can continue scrolling and making your shopping list, without the added search!

Recently, Glamour mag sat down with the entrepreneur to ask her about her new business endeavor. Although the intent and creativity of the app are extremely intriguing (um, hello, I’m downloading the app right now), the best part about Vince’s story is the way she took a chance, and how she wants to inspire others to do the same!

“I was at a company for almost seven years – it was my first proper job in the fashion industry – and although it was a great position, I was tired of the hamster wheel. It was getting me nowhere. I went to a talk by Arianna Huffington and she asked what we wanted to be remembered for. It made me realise I didn’t want to be known as the person who stayed in the office until 10pm sifting through emails and working every weekend for someone else. I wanted to create something for myself and if I was working all hours, it would be for my own company.”

Way to go Jessica! If you want to make an app where the clothes I like on Instagram show up at my doorstep at no cost, you let me know.

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