We take our fandoms very seriously here at HelloGiggles — so seriously, in fact, that we even have a whole column dedicated to them. There are an abundance of glorious fandoms out there, and we’re proud to be a part of many of them. But aside from waxing poetic about our endless love for Buffy and Sherlock and Harry Potter, sometimes we want something a little more physical to prove our devotion. And, lucky for us, one company is here to deliver.

Greenwich Letterpress has quickly become one of our favorite online shops for adorable gifts — and they’re making the fandom key tags of our dreams. Whether you’re a Kubrick super fan, or a Gilmore Girls obsessive, there’s something for everyone; and we’re totally in love. Designed to look like motel tags, the keychains feature the addresses of some of our favorite fictional haunts, including Luke’s Diner, Dragonfly Inn, and 221B Baker Street. At only $6 a pop, it’s hard to resist buying all of them.

Our fandoms have never felt so portable, and we think they’re the perfect daily accessory for the fangirl in all of us. You can buy them for yourself right here.

(Images via Greenwich Letterpress.)