fake freckles

Beauty is an ever-evolving whirlpool of influences and ideas. Which is to say that, every now and then, a beauty trend will erupt out of the fashion world or a particularly influential makeup artist’s Instagram account, and it’ll leave us scratching our heads as to, “Why?” One such trend: Fake freckles, which Today has called “cute, sweet and charmingly innocent.”

The current phenomenon of fake freckles has been going on for at least over a year — Elle highlighted the trend as it began on designer runways, while Nylon pointed out fake freckles on Emma Stone earlier this year. But now, fake freckles have hit their peak exposure; Kendall Jenner rocked them a few months back, and now Today has created a tutorial showing how to get the faux freckled affect; meanwhile, Instagram is full of people showing off their “freckles”:

Why are people so enamored with freckles, to the point where they’d literally draw them onto their face for the effect? All this effort is especially notable since kids with freckles are oftentimes bullied for that exact feature. (Source: Childhood.) But once removed from the schoolyard, unique features like freckles, beauty marks, and bushy brows are all considered stand-out, covetable things — and on celebrities like Rashida Jones, Rachel Bilson, and Lucy Liu, freckles are stunning.

With makeup and tutorials totally accessible on the Internet, it’s no wonder that beauty professionals and regular folks are picking up their makeup pencils and sprinkling on some fake freckles for a one-time look. After all, beauty is an extension of self-expression, and if you’re feeling some freckles, it’s as simple as a pencil and a steady hand.

Images via Instagram.