When it comes to sprucing up an outfit, there are several simple ways to do so. You can accessorize with cute things like enamel pins and collar clips, switch out plain buttons with ones in bright colors or novelty shapes, or have fun with detachable collars! If you have a collarless shirt, dress or sweater, this is the coolest way to make your friends go from telling you, “That’s cute” to “OH MY GAWD WHAT IS THIS OUTFIT YOU’RE WEARING AND HOW CAN I STEAL IT FROM YOU?”

This detachable shirt collar from Fila Arcana is the style antidote you never knew you were seeking. Two embroidered eyes will watch everything you do. What’s even cooler? You can choose what eye color you want. Choose your own eye color…or your crush’s. Wait, is that creepy? If anyone asks me, I will tell them the truth. “These are Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s eyes…”

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(Product images via Etsy.)