If you still need to go shopping for that special Drake fan in your life, have no fear: The fabulous artists of Etsy are here with everything you could possibly need to make Christmas special. Because you know when those sleigh bells ring. . .

Honestly, this is wearable all year round, IMHO.

2. Drake socks, $16.99.

Because why shouldn’t Champagne Papi keep your feet warm?

To really cinch this home decor look, put it next to a landline phone.

Affordable inspiration!

Drake-ify your backpack.

Start your day with a cup of Drake.

7. Drake bookmark, $2.50.

Especially comes in handy for Drake-loving grad students who do a lot of boring reading.

For the couple in your life.

Maybe a bit pricier than some of the other things on this list, but you can hug him when you’re down.

For the Drake fan who wants to be more subtle with their affections.

11. Drake keychain, $10.00.

You can bet he’ll keep your keys safe.

For those cold winter nights when you star wearing more and going out more.

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[Images via Etsy]