Sammy Nickalls
December 18, 2015 1:44 pm

If you still need to go shopping for that special Drake fan in your life, have no fear: The fabulous artists of Etsy are here with everything you could possibly need to make Christmas special. Because you know when those sleigh bells ring. . .

1. Drake Christmas sweater, $29.99.

Honestly, this is wearable all year round, IMHO.

2. Drake socks, $16.99.

Because why shouldn’t Champagne Papi keep your feet warm?

3. Hotline Bling oil painting print, $11.50.

To really cinch this home decor look, put it next to a landline phone.

4. What Would Drake Do? print, $8.00.

Affordable inspiration!

5. Set of six Drake pin buttons, $4.99.

Drake-ify your backpack.

6. Drake Hotline Bling mug, $13.81

Start your day with a cup of Drake.

7. Drake bookmark, $2.50.

Especially comes in handy for Drake-loving grad students who do a lot of boring reading.

8. Drake ‘His and Hers’ pillowcases, $25.00.

For the couple in your life.

9. Crying Drake pillow, $85.00.

Maybe a bit pricier than some of the other things on this list, but you can hug him when you’re down.

10. Drake pocket T-shirt, $18.00.

For the Drake fan who wants to be more subtle with their affections.

11. Drake keychain, $10.00.

You can bet he’ll keep your keys safe.

12. Hotline Bling knit hat, $30.00.

For those cold winter nights when you star wearing more and going out more.

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[Images via Etsy]