Emoji fans are excited to have recently been bestowed with a flurry of new emoticons that will depict their innermost feelings. We can now let everyone know when we’re rolling our eyes at something even feeling taco-y or burrito-y, but some of the tried and true emoji classics will never go out of style. A simple happy or sad face emoji goes a long way.

If you want to display your mood to people without saying a word or sending an emoji, you can do it in the form of your jewelry! This reversible emoji ring by Me and Zena shows a happy face on one side, and a sad, emoji face crying a single tear on the other. Flip it to the happy side when you’re feeling joyous, then switch it to the other if you’re having ONE OF THOSE DAYS WHERE YOU DON’T WANNA TALK TO ANYONE (or if you just watched a really sad movie, like Steel Magnolias.) This is a literal mood ring! There’s also a version that comes as earrings, too!

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Product shots via Me and Zena.