Emma Stone looks like a garden fairy in this playfully short dress

In case you didn’t realize (though you probably did), Emma Stone is a magical being. She can act. She can sing and dance. She can make us laugh just by walking down the red carpet. Oh yeah, and she clearly has a passion for fashion we’d love to have in our own closets.

Just look at this floral dress that has transformed Emma into a graceful garden creature!


And don’t even get us started on those elegant heels, which are the perfect shade of mustard yellow.

What’s perhaps the best part is that Emma looks super happy to be a floral fairy:


She’s practically fluttering! (Sometime get her a pair of wings!)

Then again, if we were wearing this pattern, we’d prob feel like blossoming babes as well:


We should wear more pink and green together, right?

Did we take it too far, Emma? Are we indeed TOO EXCITED about your dress?


Alright, we’ll take that as a yes.

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