Briana Hansen
July 18, 2016 10:45 am
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

We’ll admit it. We’ve been pretty fascinated by Justin Bieber’s style for a while now. So much so, we’ve even taken the leap and tried out dressing like him.

Which, it turns out, is now a thing.

Barneys New York has now introduced a whole line of clothing inspired by Justin’s Purpose Tour XO. So you can snag one of his signature tour styles for a reasonable price. Jk, they are not reasonable at all, and just like, really expensive. This “Leather Moto Jacket” (which TBH is pretty sweet and we could actually see ourselves rocking out in) can be yours for only $1,695. 😑


As much as we love the Biebs, that’s a pretty penny to pay for a leather jacket. But jackets can always be expensive, so there’s plenty of variety in this clothing line if you want something a little less expensive. Like, say, these “Purpose Tour” sweatpants.


A pair of sweatpants should be reasonably priced, right? Well, they’re at least cheaper than the leather jacket and will (only?) cost you $325.

Since this Justin-inspired clothing line seems to need you to make Justin-level money to afford it, you can at least still play along with the cheapest option. It’s a “Security” T-shirt so you may not look like Justin does onstage, but you can at least get some VIP backstage access since you’ll be “on duty.” Oh, and it can be yours for just $95.


And since Justin has single-handedly been bringing the kilt back into mainstream, this collection of course doesn’t overlook that bold choice.

You, too, can have your own kilt to rock on casual day at the office for a mere $840.


(OK, that looks secretly really comfortable.)

Whether or not you’re actually able to get the mix-and-match pieces it offers, it’s hard not to be impressed with the whole collection and to admire the creativity behind it. Check out all the selections here for yourself. And hey, if you splurge a little on an item or two, there’s no need to say “Sorry.”