Marie Lodi
Updated May 11, 2016 @ 3:31 pm
Credit: Drawsta

You will probably recognize founder Heather Lipner’s name from her previous brand, Clashist. She was the genius behind those pop culture collage shirts that allowed us to wear our love for Ryan Gosling and Jeff Goldblum loud and proud. Now she’s back with a new project called Drawsta and this time, it’s pairing up fashion with technology — augmented reality to be more exact. Yeah, this pretty much sounds like what the fashion at the Met Gala should have been about.

Credit: Drawsta

So what exactly IS Drawsta?

To sum it up, they are animated t-shirts powered by an iPhone app. It uses technology similar to Snapchat’s facial recognition filters — it spots the image on the tee, then adds a digital layer on top of it, which can only be viewed through the app. The cool thing is while you’ll get access to several animations at a time, a new one will be added weekly — so you’re basically getting a new shirt each time!

The tees, which are made in Los Angeles, currently come in two colors (white and heather grey) and two themes, Random and IRL. While the Random tee features totally unexpected animations ranging currently from a furry monster to a SPAM-ception type of design, the IRL tee explores more topical events like social issues and environmental news — all in a fun and humorous way. Each image will also have linked content relating to the tees.

How does it work?

First, download Drawsta’s free app. Point the app’s camera at yourself or whoever is wearing the shirt. Suddenly, you’ll see a cool animation! Swipe through to see them all, then record yourself in gif or video form. You’ll easily be able to share your Drawsta clip across your social media channels.

“I was realizing towards the end of my last line, Clashist, that I was creating fashion-content where the graphics on the t-shirt started conversations in person & online,” Heather told HelloGiggles. “I wanted to continue doing that, but in a more eco responsible and faster manner so creating a renewable, near real-time digital animated layer just kinda popped in my head.”

Credit: Drawsta

What’s interesting about Drawsta is how the technology allows for easy collaborations and new content. “When doing Clashist, I got sooo many requests from people asking me to do different tees and obviously that was too hard to keep up with,” Heather explains. “But this concept is way more community driven — if the community wants something I can quickly cook it up and it could be wearable within hours. I’m pretty excited about that!”

Drawsta Random tee and IRL tee, $48 to $52

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