There’s nothing like a summer crush. And my summer crush is Hannibal Buress. Since there’s probably no chance of me gazing into Hannibal Buress’ eyeballs and playing him a love song with a tiny accordion, the next best thing is to own this candle with his image on it. Yes, I’m talking an adorable candle with tiny illustrated Hannibal faces on it. I will gaze into the candle and see his face in the flame. That’s a poem waiting to be written!

Well, if you’ve got a megacrush on Drake, The Rock, Hannibal or LARRY DAVID, you will love these hand-poured soy candles, illustrated by the wonderful Sara M. Lyons. While obviously a heartthrob candle isn’t the same as sharing a banana split together with your crush, it’s still pretty sweet. Speaking of, you can personally choose your candle to be made from a plethora of yummy scents like cotton candy, strawberry dip and root beer float. I got The Rock candle with root beer for myself and I am obsessed. HANNIBAL IS COMING TO ME NEXT.