Emily Baines
May 13, 2016 2:24 pm

This summer we’ve seen all sorts of fun hair trends: rose gold hair, braids, rainbow brows… we love it all!

Well, hair guru Meliana Clark has created our newest hair obsession: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hair! We can see why she calls it that:

The girl looks like two completely different people depending on what side you approach her! And when you blend the hair together, the colors look like magical highlights. (For those of you with the gift of dye, Meliana used Pravana Vivids Collection Neons for the color and actually created the look to enter Pravana’s Show Us Your Vivids contest.)

Seriously, we love this look!

Even though we’re huge fans of the massive rainbow explosion in Clark’s version of this look, it’s just as amazing with solid blocks of color.

We love every version of the the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde look!