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25 years ago today, a wonderful movie called Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead was released in theaters. It starred Christina Applegate, aka Kelly Bundy in Married…With Children, as Sue Ellen, the oldest sibling of a group of kids who are left to fend for themselves after their mother goes to Australia and their EVIL babysitter suddenly drops dead.

Instead of notifying the authorities or calling their mom so she could return from her trip, Sue Ellen decides to get a job in order to make money for her brood. She writes up a impressively faux resume and ends up snagging herself a gig as the assistant for a fashion executive. That’s when things get BANANAS. She has to learn how to to fake her way as a fashion industry veteran, deal with a rival co-worker à la Devil Wears Prada, survive office politics and basically navigate the ultra-weird life of being an adult!

Credit: Warner Bros.

Of course, we MUST also talk about the fashions. Costume designer Carol Ramsey was behind the stylish teenage ensembles seen in the film — many of which could totally work in these modern times. Let us peruse 12 ‘90s-inspired looks from that would totally be in our closets today.

1. Extreme accessorizing

Credit: Warner Bros.

Sue Ellen has no limits when it comes to bracelet quantity or ring count. That old Coco Chanel quote about removing one accessory before leaving the house? Sue Ell’ will have none of that HOGWASH.

2. Monotone dressing

Credit: Warner Bros.

Red jumpsuit? Check. Red hat? Check. Red lipstick? Check. If you want to wear the same single color from head to toe, don’t let anyone stop you.

3. Contradictory colored shoes

Credit: Warner Bros.

Okay, so if you want to dress 90% in the same tone but also decide to switch things up and wear totally different colored footwear, you’ll be taking your style to a whole new level.

4. Beaded bodysuits

Credit: Warner Bros.

Bodysuits have been seen everyone and on celebs like Selena Gomez, Chrissy Tiegen, and Vanessa Hudgens, but a BEADED one? Time to get craftin’.

5. Bright crop tops

Credit: Warner Bros.

Crop tops are still in at the mome, but why not pairing one with a wildly-patterned blazer?

6. Suits of power

Credit: Warner Bros.

Power dressing is a talent that Sue Ellen immediately masters.

7. The power bun

don't tell mom 9
Credit: Warner Bros.

One must not only know how to top knot, one must also know how to POWER BUN. It is the opposite of the messy updo and requires a TON of extra strength hairspray.

8. Quirky brooches

Credit: Warner Bros.

Yes, yes, we are all aware of the enamel pin game but it has NOTHING on boss lady’s SILVER LIZARD BROOCHES!

9. Steal your bro’s style

Credit: Warner Bros.

Love Sue Ellen’s front-tied peasant blouse, but imagine if she stole her brother’s leather jacket and wore it on top?!

10. Get creative with your chokers

Credit: Warner Bros.

Look at this KEY choker necklace. Imagine all the other things you can turn into a choker! A tiny lipstick! Little sunglasses! A mini fork!

11. Thinking outside of the uniform

Credit: Warner Bros.

During the fashion show scene, Sue Ellen’s friends come out wearing spruced up versions of uniforms.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Just LOOK at those multiple strands of pearls adorning her shoulder!

Credit: Warner Bros.

This hot pink nurse’s outfit might not be practical in the E.R., but it looks way too cool. Sneakers with ballet slipper ribbons? SCREAMING!

12. The ultimate accessory — pizza

Credit: Warner Bros.

Look how great this frozen pizza looks with her boots!