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Whether you are hosting a fabulous “Friendsgiving” for friends or a swanky Thanksgiving dinner for your family, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to show of your fabulous craft skills. Below are ten awesome DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces that will wow even your snootiest of dinner guests.

Because Friendsgiving is becoming MORE popular than actual Thanksgiving, it’s no longer just a day to bring some crappy store-bought mashed potatoes to your friend’s apartment. Friendsgiving is the REAL DEAL and your centerpiece should be treated as such! Or if you’re visiting your parents home for Thanksgiving this year, show your mom you’re adulating HARD with one of these centerpieces.

A new take on corn on the cob

When we think of Thanksgiving, we often think of pilgrims sharing corn with Indians, no matter how politically incorrect that image may be. Here’s a fun take on that stereotype! Fill the glass vases holding the candles with popcorn kernels, and then use them to make delicious popcorn for a nighttime snack!

Fun with mason jars

Paint some secondhand mason jars in various shades of fall colors and then cover them with burlap! Don’t forget some bouquets of fall leaves to really set the mood.

A new form of recycling

Why throw out your old glass bottles when you can paint them? As DIY blogger Amanda writes, “I’m really into painting wine bottles right now (as I write this I have plans this afternoon to spray paint some bottles for Christmas) so I love this idea for Thanksgiving. So simple!”

Pumpkin vase

This is so much cuter than your usual vase! Plus, it’s in the fall spirit.

Turkey Time

This adorable handmade turkey centerpiece (pun intended) will put a smiley face on even the orneriest guest! All you need is a jar of glitter and some felt!

Golden memories

Another excellent use for pumpkins! Paint them gold, then for some extra pizazz add some gold-painted acorns.

Sticks and stones…

Or, in this case, just sticks! Collect these discarded parts of mother nature and glue them to make a miniature fence around the candleholder!

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth…

Reeses Pieces are not just a delicious dessert! You can use them to make a fabulous and festive centerpiece… just add googly eyes!

Sunflowers + Turkey = Fun

Well this is a fun way to personify sunflowers! Turn them into happy miniature turkeys.

A box of bountiful thanks

Find a simple apple-box and fill it with fall leaves and miniature pumpkins. For an added kick, glue a miniature chalkboard to it where you can write messages to your guests.