St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching, so it’s time to figure out your plans for decorating. Since St. Patrick’s Day will occur on a Saturday this year, you’ll probably want to pull out all the stops. From themed cocktails to a DIY St. Patrick’s Day wreath, there’s so much you can do with your decor — and it doesn’t just have to involve green streamers. Each of these St. Patrick’s Day wreaths will radiate Irish pride from your wall, while adding a cute festive feel to your home as well.

Of course, St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just about drinking special green drinks or wearing “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” T-shirts. In fact, the Irish holiday dates back to the 17th century, when you can be sure that nobody was wearing a kitschy T-shirt. The celebration of Saint Patrick honors the Irish priest who is credted with bringing Christianity to Ireland. What started as a feast day for the Catholic Church eventually became a holiday known for involving leprechaun bar crawls and innumerable pints of Guinness.

It’s an exciting time for anyone with Irish heritage, which is a lot of people in the U.S. In fact, according to the Census, over seven times as many Irish people live in the U.S. than in Ireland. You probably think of St. Patrick’s Day as an Irish holiday, but it very well could be considered a U.S. holiday at this point. That gives you all the more reason to celebrate this year, whether you’re technically Irish or not.

Try making a festive, DIY St. Patricks Day wreath for your March 17th celebration.

Ribbon tied wreath

You’ll need:a 14-inch foam wreath, three or more different ribbons, and setting spray (either Stiff ‘n’ Stuff or Spray Starch).

Once you choose your assortment of green ribbons, all you have to do is cut and tie to make this personalized, DIY St. Patrick’s Day wreath. You can find the full directions on The Ribbon Retreat.

Foam shamrock wreath

You’ll need: a wreath, a hot glue gun, and foam shamrock cut outs. The full directions can be found on The DIY Playbook, which suggests checking out a dollar store for all the supplies. It sounds like the perfect design-on-a-dime challenge.

Fabric shamrock wreath

You’ll need: three different fabrics, a 12-inch wire wreath frame, an iron, and a measuring tape. This is another take on the ribbon wreath, and it makes for a playful decoration. You can find the full instructions on A Mom’s Impression.

St. Patrick’s Day ornament wreath

You’ll need: green Christmas ornaments, wire hangers, and pliers. It’s silly to only use your Christmas ornaments for one holiday, since they’re so beautiful and festive. Repurpose the green ones for this awesome wreath from How to Make a Burlap Wreath.

Ruffled felt wreath

You’ll need: green felt, a hot glue gun, and a wooden or foam wreath. This DIY St. Patrick’s Day wreath might take some time to make, but the end result will be totally worthwhile. Check out the full how-to on The Handcrafted Life.

Leprechaun wreath

You’ll need: a foam wreath form, orange tulle, green foam, a hot glue gun, and yellow and black self-sticking foam sheets. Everyone will be expecting you to have all-green decor for your St. Patrick’s Day party. Shock your guests with this adorable leprechaun wreath instead; you can find the full instructions on Penny Pinchin’ Mom.

With any of these decorations, your house will stylishly reflect your Irish pride.

Get to crafting: St. Patrick’s Day is coming up!