DIY Dammit

Serious question: Have you ever found a DIY project on Pinterest that you really want to try, but it seems too daunting, too complicated or too ridiculous to do alone? Let “DIY Dammit” be your new best YouTube friend! Together you can walk through the insanity of making fun crafts. New episodes can be found every Wednesday on the Nerdist Channel with host Joselyn Hughes. Joselyn is super cute maniac and I think you’ll all adore her for it.

I personally love nerdy crafts and some of my favorite past episodes have been “How-To Make a Dinosaur Planter with Grace Helbig“, “Mini Piñatas” (similar to the gaming-inspired personal destroyers, “Huckums“), and “How-To Make a Friendship Bracelet feat. Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstarck“.

HelloGiggles is full of some amazing DIY and our very own HelloGiggles writer, Ed Hansen, guest stars on this past episode of DIY Dammit for “Tea Cup Candles“. Ed is adorable and hilarious — he also wants to let you know that no wicks were hurt in the making of these candles:

What DIY Pinterest projects do you want to try? Sound off in the comments below!

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