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Credit: Barneys

Sneakers, the comfortable option of the fashion footwear world, have been getting some lovin’ lately. From landing the role of Kendall Jenner’s go-to, to actress and activist Gabrielle Union opening a store dedicated solely to super fancy sneaks, the shoes are having a definite *moment.*

Golden Goose, a deluxe fashion brand, has stepped up (ha, ha) their shoe game, too, producing distressed sneakers for a particularly hefty price: $600.

Credit: Barneys

Buy here for $620.

According to the brand:

Credit: Barneys

Buy here for $590.

Who knew it could cost around $600 to look “effortlessly” cool? Last time we checked, it took a fair amount of effort to reel in a cool $600 paycheck. But, we digress.

Credit: Barneys

Buy here for $242.

Slightly cheaper, but still blowing our minds with that price.

Credit: Barneys

Buy here for $520.

So, it’s safe to say that distressed sneaks are in. However, you may want to forego spending hundreds of dollars and instead wear your pair of less-expensive shoes on a hike to give them that “distressed” treatment.