dapper day disney
Credit: Instagram

Disney lovers know all about Dapper Day. The event, for which guests are encouraged to get all dressed up in their vintage-y, old time-y best, happens twice a year at Disney parks in Orlando, Los Angeles, and Paris and today the celebration is on in full swing at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World in Florida.

We may not be able to be in Orlando, decked out in adorable outfits, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ogle the fashion on Instagram — which is exactly what we’ve been doing. Here are some of our favorite Disney Dapper Day looks from the spring event at the Magic Kingdom.

Country Judy Hopps and City Judy Hopps.

Can you spot all the Peter Pan characters in this group?

A true-to-the-time-period take on Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog.

This family’s take on Donald, Minnie, and Mickey is adorable.

This Anna and Elsa are fantastic.

Dapper couples

So cute.

Professional-level cuteness.


That castle background

It’s pure magic.

It’s just classic.

Hey, Jasmine and Raja!

Dapper guys, too.

And the winner of spring Dapper Day at the Magic Kingdom…

This kid, who is so chill about looking so dapper.