Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated Aug 05, 2014 @ 10:48 am

Let’s pretend your dorm room isn’t going to be the size of Harry Potter’s sad little nook under the stairs, and that you’re not sharing it with at least one other person. Let’s pretend you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT, and express yourself however you choose. I mean, that’s one of the beauties of college—major self-expression! You could browse through IKEA catalogs, wander the Target aisles with your mom, OR you could get inspired by your favorite TV characters. Because let’s face it. They always had THE BEST rooms. Here’s how to deck out your dorm like some of the best bedrooms in TV history. .

Dawson’s Creek: Dawson Leery’s room

Plaid bedspread:

From: Pottery Barn ($64.99)

Dawson’s room always looked so cozy. Like, it was the perfect room to experience your first kiss and then watch a movie, which you wouldn’t pay attention to at all because you were all like, “ohmygod I just had my first kiss.”

Mandatory Spielberg poster:

From: All Posters ($4.99)

Dawson was a diehard Steven Spielberg fan, and he wanted everyone who stepped inside his room (basically, Joey Potter) to know it.


From: Fab ($89)

I mean, technically Dawson would have needed something to store his VHS set, but that won’t be very helpful for you.

Clarissa Explains it All: Clarissa’s room

Baby blue bed spread:

From: Bed, Bath, and Beyond ($79.99)

Clarissa’s room was kind of intense, so it made sense that her bedspread was on the more mellow side.

Patchwork throw:

From: Urban Outfitters ($59)

But not to worry, because this quilt-throw-thing will spruce things right up and add color to an otherwise standard bed decor.

Decorative license plates:

From: Cafe Press ($17.99)

Although I’m sure you could find some authentic license plates like Clarissa has (check eBay), I couldn’t help but include this mustache plate. It’s kind of the best.

Coffee table/trunk:

From: Walmart ($245.99)

At the end of Clarissa’s bed, it looks like she had some sort of chest she splattered with stickers and Clarissa-style graffiti. This awesome coffee table inspired by said Clarissa furniture also stores things, and I love when furniture does that.

Vintage car poster:

From: All Posters ($7.99)

To express your inner-wanderlust and respect for all things vintage, pick out an old-time-y car poster for your wall.

Desk and vanity:

From: World Market ($219.99)

Consider this an upgrade from Clarissa’s desk (which is massively cluttered and would drive me insane now—thanks adulthood).

Daria: Daria’s room

Orange bedspread:

From: Target ($29.99)

Daria’s room used to simultaneously depress me and leave me wishing I could be so cool (padded walls?!). Since Daria’s orange bed is a little on the uninspired side, let’s reinvent a little bit and go with orange chevron.

Franz Kafka poster:

From: Cafe Press ($9)

Read Metamorphosis. Love it. Convince yourself you are going through an existential crisis. Emerge from said crisis. Buy a poster to express this period in your life.

Skull candle set:

From: Urban Outfitters ($20)

How did Daria acquire that skull? Anyway, here are some candles, which are a bit less scary.

New Girl: Jess Day’s room

Flowery bedspread:

From: Urban Outfitters ($149)

Jess is a vibrant, classy lady. She loves colors and flowers, and this bedspread comes pretty close to that.

Cool, bright pillows:

From: Anthropologie ($68)

Jess has a variety of pillows, so here are a few which feature safari animals wearing clothes. I have a feeling Jess would be really, really into them.

Picture frame set:

From: Urban Outfitters ($39)

College is the perfect time to explore the art scene, so visit some local art shows, or browse through Etsy for some authentic handmade art pieces you can hang on your wall a la Jess.

Adorable owl lamp:

From: World Market ($17.49)

Jess has a couple of fun bedside lamps since she’s a total read-before-bed girl. This owl lamp is quirky, and super Jess, wouldn’t you say?

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