dark hair meme
Credit: Disney

1. Feeling like your head is literally on fire when you spend too much time out in the sun.

Credit: Crystal Ro / HelloGiggles / Disney / Columbia Pictures

2. Watching your face disappear when you attempt to take a selfie that shows off your hair.

3. Blowing way more money than you’d ever like to on endless bleach and color treatments at the salon…

Credit: E!

4. …or having to spend your entire weekend coloring and recoloring just to get the right tint by yourself (and sometimes never getting the color you want at all)!

Credit: Paramount Pictures

5. Never being able to show off the killer braids you spent hours on as well as someone with lighter colored hair.

6. Being paranoid that your dry shampoo looks like dandruff.

Credit: Crystal Ro / HelloGiggles / Disney

7. Never being able to have a spotless bathroom floor, or shower, or counter…

8. Wanting to try a fun mascara color, but knowing full well it’ll never show up on your dark lashes.

9. And finally, wishing ~for once~ you could dress up as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty for Halloween.

Credit: NBC

But, after all your struggles, you still know at the end of the day that your hair looks awesome AF when you get it just the way you want it.

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