Bren Lee
March 07, 2016 1:04 pm

There’s nothing that strikes fear in the heart quite like the thought of cutting your own hair. Sure, it looks so simple, but most of us can attest that it can easily go so wrong. However, one girl is proving that it is actually way less complicated than we thought.

Camila Bravo, a Philadelphia-based makeup artist and YouTuber, posted a short video tutorial on Instagram that shows her trimming her hair like it’s NBD. She uses a brilliant hack we wish we’d thought of: She twists her hair!

She starts by parting her hair and sectioning off the area she wants to cut. She then sprays that section with water and twists it into a rope-like shape and cuts off the desired length. After that, she dries her hair, styling the piece with a round brush.

That’s it! This is a great way to maintain face-framing layers or long, fringe-like bangs. Bravo does caution that if you have curly hair, be sure to trim hair at a lower length than your desired length, as curly hair “shrinks” when it dries.

If this is something you plan on incorporating into your routine regularly, we highly recommend investing in a decent pair of cutting shears. You can buy them at any beauty supply store. They will yield much better results than your typical sewing or craft scissors.