They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well some days, I don’t want anyone peering into my soul-eyes trying to find out my deepest, darkest secrets. I’ll let them buy my future unauthorized autobiography for that. I’m going to need protection, from both the soul seekers and that big flaming ball of fire out there that we call “the Sun.” Look at it, beaming down, mocking us with its powerful UV rays. Even in fall, the sun is strong so you’re going to want to protect your eyeballs: Why not do it in the cutest way possible?

Don’t be fooled by the name: Crap Eyewear is here to the rescue, with an endless supply of sweet shades to go with all of your clothes.

If you’re obsessed with cat-eye lenses like I am, “The Diamond Brunch” is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Just check out this purple glitter! “The Hanoi Weekend” will make you look like you’re wearing little cat ears, while the black and white zebra-esque stripes on “The T.V. Eye” is guaranteed to spruce up any outfit. All shades come with a cute case to match!