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2015 was, no doubt, the year of the enamel pin. Everywhere you looked, from fashion websites to style blogs, everyone was rocking at least one of these pins on their denim jackets, shirt collars and tote bags. This accessory trend was hard to resist for buyers and sellers both. It seemed like every indie brand and artist was putting their own spin on this classic accessory. There were pins that could be worn to look like you had talking animals on your shirt, pins in the shape of your favorite beauty product and pins that looked like ‘90s television icon Clarissa Darling and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The chances were pretty big that anything you could think of — whether it was your favorite fictional character or your favorite food — would be readily available in pin form.

Some people now have entire collections dedicated to lapel pins, which is really not too surprising because there are SO many cute ones to choose from. From cute kitties to ‘80s heartthrobs, anything you could possibly want is there. It’s a subtle way of adding a little bit of oomph to your leather motorcycle jacket or fuzzy sweater. Here are 15 hilarious and adorable enamel pins that would make the best stocking stuffers.

Every Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead fan is familiar with this quote by Christina Applegate. Bonus points if you give it to someone named Rose.

A sweet ‘lil pin inspired by some classic sweets! Fun fact: Did you know that American Smarties are very different from the ones you get in Canada and in England?

Calling all pizza lovers! Here’s your official badge to represent your fandom.

Oh, Leo. Who can DARE resist your eternally alluring ’90s hair?!? Surely not the person who receives this gem in their stocking.

The person who wears this will always have a nice reminder that they better get up and get to work!

Whenever you look down at this adorable ‘lil daisy pin from artist Chris Uphues, you won’t be able to resist a smile. JUST LOOK AT IT.

This Dolly Parton pin will go perfectly with all other Dolly accessories, assuming all Dolly fans have entire collections dedicated to her image. That’s normal, right? Asking for me.

Who doesn’t want to wear a colorful gumball machine on their jacket? Brooklyn-based artist Buried Diamond makes this pin version of one of her most popular charms.

The idea of wearing a tiny version of a leather jacket ON your own jacket is amusing to no end. It also comes in pink.

A Wuthering Heights fan will appreciate this sweet “Heathcliff and Cathy” set.

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, especially when they look as lovestruck as this one from Sara Lyons. You can do some kind of “smile now, cry later” thing and wear it together with this matching sad ghost.

Inspired by the 1993 Wu-Tang Clan song, “C.R.E.A.M.” a.k.a “Cash Rules Everything Around Me,” this “Cats Rule Everything Around Me” pin displays a sentiment every cat lover can agree with. It also comes in the most adorable packaging I’ve seen — a trompe l’oeil matchbook!

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, here’s a pin version of that vintage photo of Dwayne Johnson ROCK-ing a fanny pack.

This emoji-inspired flying cash pin represents your wallet after buying all of these fabulous enamel pins. Goodbye, money.