Eva Recinos
October 06, 2016 1:40 pm
Nadine San Pedro / society6.com

Halloween basically serves as the perfect excuse to make your space just a little creepier than usual. But instead of using those fake cobwebs or caution tape, wouldn’t it be fun to get decorations that would look great all year round? We love browsing art prints (we have a few cute ones around the office!) and it turns out that Halloween makes a great time of year to revamp that gallery wall.

In the spirit of the holiday, here are some creepy (but still cute, obvs) prints perfect for decorating your space. They’re creative, fun, and spooky — all the things we love in Halloween decorations.

1. This adorable witch we all aspire to be like:

Momo Arts / society6.com

Get it here for $17.

2. This gorgeous tribute to Corpse Bride:

InkistPrints / Etsy

Get it here for $24.95.

3. This adorable portrait of a curious black cat:

Art7decor / society6.com

Get it here for $29.12.

4. This mysterious scene featuring a lady chilling on a half moon:

Valfré / valfre.com

Get it here for $48.

5. A friendly, but kind-of-sad garden ghost:


Get it here for $7.50.

6. This portrait of a chic skeleton:

Robin Eisenberg / society6.com

Get it here for $30.

7. A cauldron fit for a stylish witch:

Hannah Margaret Illustrations / society6.com

Get it here for $19.

8. This awesome tribute to Wednesday Addams:

Nadine San Pedro / society6.com

Get it here for $22.88.

9. A pink skull that’s actually made out of bunnies:

Get it here for $25.

10. An amazing scene from Hocus Pocus:

Angela Vasquez / society6.com

Get it here for $23.92.

Now let’s go cast some spells.