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Ladies, if you’re like me, you’re a huge fan of night showers. On hot days, sleeping with wet hair is incredibly soothing, and in general it’s easier to find the time for a good wash and deep condition at night, amiright?

But I guess we all have to make sacrifices for healthy hair, and it looks like our beloved night showers might be on the chopping block! According to Cosmopolitan, here are three common hair habits that actually ruin your hair.

1. Changing Your Style Too Often

“I can tell just by seeing short, spiky strands at the crown or nape that a client frequently yanks out one style for another—like a top knot for a pony,” explained James Corbett, color director for Clairol.

Instead, Nathan Rosenkranz, a hair expert for Alterna Haircare, suggests gently detangling hair, then adding a leave-in condition or light hair oil before changing styles mid-day. Also, watch out for tight hair ties—the extra tension can break fragile hair strands. Eek.

2. Sleeping With Wet Hair

(Say it ain’t so!)

NYC stylist Nathan Hawkins warns against night showers: “Wet strands are very fragile, as they stretch more easily and can break as you change pillow positions.”

Instead, Rosenkranz suggest you give barely-damp hair a nighttime treat with a hair mask, and protect strands with a super soft cotton or satin pillowcase, which will prevent hair from snagging on rougher threads. Wow, satin sheets? Sounds fancy, if expensive.

3. Lack of Conditioner

According to Cosmopolitan, an estimated 53 percent of young women don’t condition with every wash. This may seem like a sound money-saving technique, but not conditioning adds up, leading to dry hair and increased breakage over time. Fixing that costs a heck of a lot more!

Dr. Rolanda Johnson Wilkerson, a principal scientist for Pantene, explains the importance of conditioner: “It mimics the cuticle’s F-layer, the protective coating we’re born with that deteriorates.” So when you wash, be sure to condition—but don’t think that means you have to wash your hair daily. Unless you’re prone to greasiness, give hair a shot of dry shampoo to extend your look for a couple of days between washes.

Alright, ladies! Take this new info to heart! Here’s to more fabulous hair days in the future!