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Soon, buying things is going to be even easier than swiping a credit card–you can pay using literally what you’re wearing. Designer Adam Selman has teamed up with MasterCard to create a line of clothing, specifically two dresses, a pair of gloves, earrings, and a clutch, that are embedded with mobile payment chips.

If Selman’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s a favorite of celebrities like Rihanna. His clothes are the real deal, and they debuted last Monday at the Money 20/20 Conference in Las Vegas. Selman spoke to the New York Times about the project:

This is a part of a growing MasterCard movement to integrate technology with finance in a nearly hands-free, impossible-to-lose way. They’ve also partnered with brands like Ringly and Nymi, who make smart-rings and smart-bands, as well as General Motors and TrackR, which is a bluetooth device designed keep track of your important items (like wallets and keys). Ed McLaughlin, MasterCard’s chief emerging payments officer, explained this in a statement:

The exact dates and prices of this clothing collab are unclear, but they’re expected to become available in 2016.

(Image via MasterCard/Twitter)