Anna Buckley
March 29, 2018 3:50 pm
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It’s officially spring, and you know what that means: Doing all the cleaning we’ve been putting off for the past three seasons! We know, we know. Cleaning isn’t very fun. But what IS fun is the feeling you get when you’ve accomplished a task you’ve been putting off for months, like reorganizing your medicine cabinet, or not crying while you clean your bathroom.

To lend a hand, we’ve rounded up some products that will help you up your bathroom organization game. We also spoke with Mary Gagliardi, aka Dr. Laundry, about the best way to deep-clean your bathroom this spring.

As far as what cleaning tools are must-haves for the bathroom, Dr. Laundry says that everyone needs a sponge, a toilet cleaning brush, disinfecting wipes, and a plunger. As for cleaning products, she recommends good old bleach.

And then…there’s the toilet.

“To clean and disinfect a toilet with Clorox Bleach, first flush the toilet, and then add ½ cup bleach to the water in the bowl. Use your toilet brush to scrub all the surfaces in the bowl, including under the rim. Wait five minutes, and then flush the toilet again,” Dr. Laundry explained.

Dr. Laundry also has some great organizational tips and tricks that’ll help you keep your bathroom clean.

“The biggest challenge in a bathroom is figuring out where you are going to store your cleaning tools and products. A cute terra cotta planter (without a drain hole) provides an attractive home for a plunger,” she said. “A small plastic caddy also helps if you need to store your cleaning products in a closet elsewhere in your home or apartment. Anytime you improve the logistics of cleaning the bathroom, you make it easier to keep your bathroom clean!

If there’s anything that Dr. Laundry thinks people NEED to know about bathroom cleaning, it’s to never neglect high-touch surfaces.

“The bathroom is full of high-touch surfaces confined in a small space shared by family and guests alike — places like door knobs, handles, drawers, and organizers don’t get cleaned and disinfected as often as the more obvious places like countertops, toilets, and bathtubs,” she said. “Be sure to add these surfaces to your cleaning routine to make sure friends and family aren’t spreading germs just by opening a door!”

The easiest way to take care of these surfaces?

“Use a product with bleach in it to ensure germs that spread viruses and bacteria are taken care of,” she said.

If all this talk of bathroom cleaning has you about to close out this article and hide under your covers, just remind yourself that A) it’s necessary, B) it’s necessary, and C) the better you organize and clean now, the easier the upkeep will be later.

If you’re in need of organizational ideas that’ll help you get your bathroom under control, check out these items:

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Happy cleaning, spring chickens!