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Updated Jan 22, 2018 @ 2:22 pm
Myers-Briggs cities
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Personality can tell you a lot about someone. Are they generally happy? Do they have a bit of a temper? Are they an introvert or the life of every party? But your Myers-Briggs personality type goes even deeper. It’s a great way to gauge not just who you are but how you are: how you respond to life’s circumstances, what you may like to do in your free time, and how you handle conflict.

The four-letter formula can even help you determine your signature scent — an ISTJ loves a dry woodsy fragrance, while an ISFP is all about the light floral perfumes. The personality test can help you select your power color and the hues that make you feel like an absolute boss. While it’s great to know what to wear or spritz on your body, your Myers-Briggs type can also be an on-point way to determine where you may want to live. Planting roots somewhere is a big, potentially life-changing decision, so why not move somewhere based on your specific Myers-Briggs personality type? Because just like you, individual cities also have their own unique personalities.

Whether you’re looking to move somewhere permanently or just check out a new city for a bit, here’s where you might want to venture.

ESTJ: some people are indecisive, but that’s not you.


The London weather may be gloomy and rainy, but at least it remains consistent, which you can appreciate.

ISTJ: first name Goal, last name Digger.

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The land of 24/7 hustlers, New York City, is where you belong.

ESFJ: you have a soft heart.

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The dual urban and natural environments of Seattle are sure to make you feel at peace.

ISFJ: you keep it chill and low-key.

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The hella cool vibe of the Bay Area is a perfect fit.

ESTP: there’s never a dull moment in your full life.

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Miami’s nightlife and mix of beautiful cultures will feel just like home.

ISTP: your friends know you’re the straight shooter of the group.

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The hospitable, but take no prisoners H-Town is where it’s at for you.

ESFP: you’re everyone’s cheerleader.

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A bright personality like yours will shine even brighter in a vibrant city like New Orleans.

ISFP: you’re the mama bear of your crew.

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Your maternal side will love the charm of a southern city like Charleston.

ENTJ: you’re pretty Type A and uberspecific…about everything.

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A friendly, chill place like Toronto will do your body and soul some good.

INTJ: you’re classy with a kick.

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Only the finest will do for you, so Dubai it is.

ENFJ: you never stop moving.

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While Rio might get all the love, São Paulo is a financial hub for the movers and shakers.

INFJ: you know exactly where you want to be five years from now.

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If the thought of lounging at a Parisian cafe sounds like heaven, then make that move.

ENTP: you set the pace.

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You’re the leader of the crew, so why not venture to Tokyo, where all great trends start?

INTP: you see a problem and you attempt to solve it.

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You’re pretty cool under pressure. Nothing scares you, not even the 405 traffic.

ENFP: all things artsy bring you joy.

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Book that one way flight to Austin: a modern city with tons of art and a mega food scene.

INFP: you’re sentimental and sensitive.

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The nation’s former capital, the Liberty Bell, and of course, the Rocky steps, make Philly a sentimental wonder.