If you’ve been too busy to order that imported artisan cheese or vintage glassware set from Etsy and are freaking out because Christmas is in two days, you can relax. Yes, you might be stuck with only IRL shopping choices from now on, but the mall and even the drugstore has some treasures awaiting you. We’ve got your shopping list covered with the following last minute gift ideas.

I’m a big fan of themed gift baskets. An ’80s-theme can have such nostalgic delights like Bubble Tape, stickers and a John Hughes DVD box set. Instead of using a woven basket to put everything in, you can one-up your creativity and use a Caboodle! The ’80s theme would still totally work or you can load it up with all kinds of lip glosses, hair accessories and nail polish!

Your health-conscious sibling will totally appreciate one of these cute fruit-infused water bottles.

You can’t go wrong with a sweet tote, especially this one from Charlotte Ronson’s line at JCPenney. Add some extra fun by filling it up with a couple of your friend’s favorite magazines (or lipsticks).

This nail color set from Essie includes some shades that would look amazing on your polish-obsessed friend’s nails for New Year’s Eve.

Jewelry is a good last minute go-to gift, especially if you have a friend who has some serious ring game. Contribute to her collection with this colorful crystal ball one.

Cotton Candy Maker, $39.99, Bed, Bath and Beyond

Throw an instant carnival party anytime with a cotton candy maker. Your giftee can experience the whimsy of going to the circus sans the creepy clowns.

This cheek and lip palette is certainly. . .cheeky. It features a bunch of hunky cowboys next to six pretty colors that can be used as either lip color or blush.

Whoever you give these bedazzled Hello Kitty headphones will be so grateful. They can drown out all the chaotic holiday chatter while listening to the new T-swift album!

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