Briana Hansen
Updated May 10, 2016 @ 9:57 am
christina aguilera pierced braids
Credit: / NBC /

Christina Aguilera is a risk taker. We’ve always known that. Her style confidence is as powerful as her voice (and the girl has some serious pipes). So while it’s no big surprise when she wows us with a bold and edgy hair style, it is a surprise when it’s simple enough we may actually be able to channel our inner Xtina and pull it off ourselves.

Credit: NBC

On the latest episode of NBC’s The Voice, Christina flaunted an amazingly gorgeous lavender head of hair which showed off a perfect, pierced braid. She totally rocked the whole look and immediately inspired us to see just how possible it might be to try it ourselves.

Turns out (thank you, Instagram) there are a ton of awesome ways to own this look and cater it to whatever your style need may be. Whether you’re just feeling extra glam around the house…

Or you want to add a fun edge to a gorgeous going-out look…

These little hints of metal weaved into a large braid definitely take it to the next level. And, of course, you don’t have to just use standard, simple, circular rings. Add rings with a little extra flair to either your loose braid or pulled up style to transform your hair into a true work of art.

And of course (as if we even needed to say it), these pierced braids are totally perfect for festival season.

Or you could put the emphasis on the rings instead of the braid and just have a couple small, subtle braids that allow for a little hint of the edgy pierced look to help balance out a glittery, ethereal makeup choices.

Basically we’re saying there’s no wrong way to try out this fun (and seemingly simple) style. So, if you’re a person who always wanted multiple piercings but maybe couldn’t handle the pain or didn’t want the long-term commitment, adding them to your braid could be the perfect way to dabble with your punk side.

No matter how (or why) you choose to pierce to your braid, it’s a seriously rad look that we’re glad the beautiful Christina brought to our attention.