Kit Steinkellner
Updated Feb 11, 2016 @ 2:58 pm
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You guys, Chrissy Teigen has had her share of hair problems. Or at least that’s the story she’s telling with her new TRESemmé commercial.

As Teigen tells it, “throughout [her] life, [she] has ALWAYS had to compromise to get volume.” Cut to 2007 AKA a Style Dark Age for Teigen. Cue a millon curlers:

Credit: TRESemmé

And when Teigen runs out of curlers but still has hair left to curl:

Credit: TRESemmé

Well, Teigen is nothing if not, um, resourceful:

Credit: TRESemmé

Unfortunately, she still has to contend with gross hairspray:

Credit: TRESemmé

Which earns her the nickname “Crispy Chrissy”:

Credit: TRESemmé

Even as recently as last month, Teigen was having volume issues. The “no conditioner” regimen was no bueno for the supermodel:

Credit: TRESemmé

We feel compelled to remind everyone here that Teigen IS advertising volume products for TRESemmé, and so it behooves her to paint a grim picture of the past in which her hair was always the worst. But, um, we’ve SEEN pictures of Teigen, we know her hair is #flawless. So take this hair commercial with a huge grain of salt. Actually, take ALL hair commercials with a huge grain of salt.

Still, there are life lessons to be learned from this minute of hilarity. Like how we should all recognize the value of conditioner! Also, in a pinch, Coke cans make A+ curlers. And this keeper:

Credit: TRESemmé

You tell ’em, “Crispy Chrissy.” Check out the whole shebang below: