Anna Gragert
Updated Apr 18, 2016 @ 3:48 pm

Though we do love to admire all the fashion trends that make their way to Coachella’s festival grounds, even we have to admit they’re not the most wearable trends (lookin’ at you, elaborate flower crowns and metallic bikini tops). That’s why we’re super impressed with the latest style to hit the Colorado Desert’s hotspots: chokers. The chokers we obsessed over as kids.

Yesterday, Taylor Swift officially crowned chokers the comeback kid. Alongside a stellar squad photo, she wrote, “I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?” There’s no question about it, Taylor! Switch that question mark out for an exclamation point and let’s make it official.

We actually took the time to see what chokers Miss Swift has been wearing and we found one that’s available and not super expensive. Taylor took this one and wore it around her ankle, opening up a whole new corridor of choker possibilities:

Erin Dana Bowtie Choker – Rusted Silver Python ($70)

Credit: Erin Dana

Now let’s take a look at some of our personal faves, which we’d wear both on and off festival fields:

KrysdollShop Clueless Inspired Tai’s 90s Floral Pearl Black Ribbon Choker ($14.31)

Credit: Krysdollshop /

BagiraBijou Classic Plaid Choker Bead Crochet Necklace ($45.55)

Credit: BagiraBijou /

Refinedclassic Tattoo Choker Gold Leaf Chain ($13.95)

Credit: refined classic /

Shopspacetrash Red Rose Feminist Choker ($12)

Credit: shopspacetrash /

Lovelyaurashop Crescent Moon Choker ($8.50+)

Credit: lovelyaurashop /

KawaiiKiosk 90s Tattoo Choker in Black and Rainbow ($2.95)

Credit: KawaiiKiosk /

ShemonsterVintage 90s Leather Choker Collier Necklace Silver ($13.95)

Credit: ShemonsterVintage /

Xiangquan852 12 Color Choices Black Crystal Choker ($6)

Credit: xiangquan852 /

TotalPansy Cute and Spooky Bat Choker ($8.75)


ShopArtsyPeach Custom Word Glitter Choker ($6)

Credit: ShopArtsyPeach /

Absolutemarket Black, Leon, Mathilda, Natalie Portman Ribbon Choker Necklace ($3.99)

Credit: Gaumont / absolutemarket

ShopKadabra Harley Quinn “PUDDIN” Choker ($39)

Credit: ShopKadabra /

EKjewelry1 Purple-Blue Druzy Slice Choker ($16)

Credit: EKjewelry1 /

TotalPansy Cute Red Lips Choker ($8)


We’ll just be over here, ordering buckets of chokers off Etsy, as we remember all the jewelry trends of the past (and soon-to-be future?).