Most of us mere mortals get a haircut maybe twice, three times a year. We trim our bangs, re-layer, maybe freshen up that A-line. But celebrities? Celebrities are (often times) fearless! They chop off a foot of hair. They get a mohawk and then dye it lavender. They buzz off every inch and flaunt their sexy-sexy shaved head.

And then of course, we talk about those celebrities and their magical unicorn hair, because it’s inspiring and fun. Here are some famous people ‘dos we couldn’t stop talking about this year.

1. Adele

Adele, who’s known for her immaculately mod-glam hair, went WAY short this year, and hello, we are in love.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law is the new queen of the über-blonde, choppy lob! All! Hail! J-Law!

3. Emma Watson

Hermione, I mean, Emma Watson, got a bob and looks fierce AF.

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim’s hair went through a few transformations this year, but our very fave is when she (probably) told her hairdresser, “make me look like Lucius Malfoy, plz.”

5. Khloe Kardashian

KoKo got an asymmetrical cut to go along with the release of her new book Strong Looks Better Naked, and the masses were like, “YASSSSSS”

6. Rose McGowan

And then Goddess Rose McGowan went and shaved her head because she’s a badass.

7. Rihanna

RiRi’s always switching up her hairstyle, but we especially swooned when she went with a super short look at the Met Ball.

8. Dakota Johnson

When Dakota cut off like six inches of hair and pulled a very so-not-Anastasia-Steele move, and we were like YES GURL.

9. Lorde

Mystical teen dream Lorde not only straightened her iconic, mega-curly hair, but she also got a trim.

10. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum proved he could pull off very blonde, very short hair, which was actually not hard to pull off at all.

11. Emilia Clarke

The Mother of Dragons sheared off her long, brown hair because The Mother of Dragons does WHAT SHE WANTS.

12. Hilary Duff

Hil Hil just chopped her long blonde ‘do this weekend, but girl also experimented with turquoise mermaid hair which was also the stuff o’ dreams.

(Images via Instagram, Shutterstock)