Credit: Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris

In one of our absolute favorite looks from the VMAs, Nev Schulman’s girlfriend, Laura Perlongo, appeared at his side in a simple ensemble that highlighted one adorable feature: Her very pregnant stomach. The pair looked super natural together before and during the ceremony, and all eyes were on Perlongo’s delightful baby bump. Schulman kept his eyes — and his hands — on the baby bump for much of the night, too, making our hearts collectively go “aww!”

Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Perlongo’s outfit shows off every curve of her stomach, and it’s so empowering and beautiful. We love seeing people show off their bodies in the way that feels most natural and comfortable for them, and it’s especially nice when someone is highlighting a feature that is often “covered up” in fashion, like a very pregnant belly.

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Of course, the fact that the pair coordinated their outfits down to color and texture doesn’t hurt, either. The best accessory on both Schulman and Perlongo, though, has to be their matching smiles.

If you don’t know who Perlongo is (or weren’t aware Schulman was engaged, surprise!).

The two announced three months ago, shortly after they announced they were expecting), Bustle reports that she s’a freelance copywriter and creative director. Her Working Not Working profile endearingly states,

“Writing. Concepting. Directing. Photographing. Films. Gifs. Zines. Digital ephemera. Fashion. Fragrance. Booze. Cars. Media. Travel. Interests include: The Internet. Film photography. Self-loathing. Humor. Surveillance. Counter surveillance. Honesty. Love. Friendship. Freelance. Full-time.”

Booze! Fashion! Writing! Direction! Friendship! Humor! What’s not to love?