Marie Lodi
September 05, 2015 6:06 am

Back in the day, the term, “cat lady,” wasn’t something people wanted to easily throw around. It’s strange, considering that these days, many cat ladies (and cat dudes) wear the label loud and proud. The undying love of felines isn’t anything to be ashamed of! If you or a fellow cat lady you know is looking for something that announces your passion, look no further. Those who call their kitty their one true love will get a kick out of this cat lady mug by Emily McDowell.

The ceramic mug is microwave safe, so you know what that means—MUG CAKES! Of course, you should also use it to hold your coffee, tea and any other toasty beverage you’re sipping on at the meow-ment. If you’re screaming, “More, more MEOOOOWRE!”, you’re in luck: the same design also comes in a canvas tote bag, which is perfect for carrying all that cat food in.

Cat Lady Mug, $18

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(Product shots via Emily McDowell.)