There are two types of people in this world: People who love to be scared and people who don’t. Around Halloween, when even taking the wrong turn in Target can put you face to face with a 6-ft tall zombie butler “decoration,” those who love the adrenaline rush are understandable thrilled, while the rest of us vow never to walk alone through Target ever again.

Luckily, there’s a very specific aspect of All Hallow’s Eve that brings these two types of people together: Candy. Whether it’s the free King-Sized Hershey’s bar you get from grown-up trick-or-treating (for which I applaud you), or the three huge bags of mini-Snickers you buy on sale on November 1, the only thing that’s scary about sugar is how much of it you can eat in one sitting.

What better way to celebrate the most widely-beloved part of Halloween than to pay homage to candy on your fingernails? By far the easiest sweet to recreate with nail polish is the classic Candy Corn. If you have a steady hand, try painting white, orange, and yellow stripes free form – you can just do one accent nail. It’s all the style, way fewer calories.

For those of us who can barely do a normal manicure, much less straight lines, use a make-up sponge to create a sort of ombré Candy Corn. All you have to do is paint the stripes onto the sponge, roll the sponge over your fingers, and then either clean up the excess polish around the nail with acetone or pick at it for the next three days. Both work!

Don’t feel limited to Candy Corn, though. Here are some other delectable, practically edible candy nail designs from around Instagram:

M&M’s in every color.

Gorgeous candy wrappers. (Might need really lengthy natural nails or a set of acrylics for this look.)

Best use of the bubble nail ever.

A peppermint look with a pinky twist.

Some Instagram nail gurus have dipped their fingers in actual sweets to get epic candy effects. This artist used real sugar for this gummy worm design.

And this one used sprinkles! Literally good enough to eat.

(Image via here.)