Devan McGuinness
Updated Jan 06, 2017 @ 1:03 pm
Distracted woman vacuuming dog
Credit: Cultura RM Exclusive/Liam Norris

So many of us lead stressful lives and coming home to a calm and clutter-free space was a focus for many of us to achieve last year. We got rid of the items we didn’t need anymore and made our décor more intentional, and we were all better for it. The terms KonMari and Hygge were big in 2016, but the latest lifestyle decluttering thing is Lagom and we’re totally here for it.

But according to Vogue, those two trends are over and the Scandinavian Lagom concept is where it’s all at for the new year.

As the site reports, Lagom translates to “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right” and it’s all about striking that balance of having things that make you happy, but not letting the clutter take over. You know — that age-old saying that moderation is key.

The writer of the Vogue article says a Swedish friend explained the concept of Lagom using a milk analogy and it’s the prefect way to explain this new trend.

It really sounds like the best of both worlds and since we’re totally here for moderation, we are excited to see where Lagom takes people.