We all know from watching years of the VMAs that Britney Spears is one performer who never ceases to surprise us. Over the years she’s had some pretty memorable moments at the VMAs, from her performances on stage to what she has worn on the red carpet. Last night at the VMAs, Spears managed to surprise everyone with a classic little black dress that was understated, classic, and chic, while still being sexy AF! Werk it, girl.

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

With a long slit that goes across her chest and into her torso, and a high cut on one thigh, Spears shows off her figure while still keeping it classy and subtle in a long sleeve black dress. Her signature long blond locks and tan make her look like she just came back from a relaxing beach vacation (she WAS just in Hawaii three weeks ago!) and graced our presence just for the VMAs, which may not be too far from the truth, given that Spears is a celebrity, after all.

Here’s our queen posing with G-Easy, who is featured in her new album Glory.

Credit: Jared Siskin/Getty Images

THAT FUNNY FACE, THO. Slay with those funny faces!

Credit: Getty Images/Jared Siskin

And those black stilettos, dang gurl.

Credit: Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz

We’ve gone through a lot of wild rides with Britney over the years, and we’re glad to see that as of her VMAs presence and performance last night, she appears to be in great health and looks super happy. Good for you, Britney!