Kenya Foy
Updated Jul 29, 2016 @ 9:47 am
cat tattoo
Credit: Mambotattoo/Instagram

The general consensus from members of the inked community is that once you get your first tattoo, it feels like the urge to expand your personal collection of permanent skin art never diminishes. As gratifying as the experience can be, sometimes choosing the perfect tattoo feels like more of a pain than the act of having ink inserted into your skin with a needle.

You certainly don’t want to rush the process because tattoo envy is the worst, so we advise you to slow your roll and carefully consider more unconventional options like these unique deconstructed tattoos. They look super cool, will make for great conversation starters and they’re a hell of a lot more creative than a facial tattoo of Drake’s name, not to mention they’re considerably less likely to be followed by regret and shame in the morning (no shade, Drake).

For creative tattoo ideas that don’t bore you to tears or already have been done to death, get into these deconstructed tats from Instagram user Mattia Mambo that we’re completely obsessed with.

If you’re about that skull life:

We heart whales:

Get your drank on … your skin:

Throwback Game Boy tat FTW:

For the coffee-obsessed:

Show some love to the almighty Heisenberg:

You can choose which came first:

Because a badass butterfly tat is timeless:

Who doesn’t want a CAT-too?

For the sushi lover in you:

A permanent reminder to eat your veggies: